Science A-Z

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Science A-Z is an award-winning curriculum resource that blends science and literacy into one captivating K-6 curriculum. The product delivers thousands of resources in Life Science, Earth and Space Science, Physical Science, Engineering, and Process Science. In addition to a robust library of multilevel informational texts, Science A-Z also delivers engaging science experiments, hands-on activities, and other collaborative learning opportunities that allow students to think and act like scientists.

  • Customize and differentiate instruction with multilevel materials in English and Spanish that help satisfy both science and ELA curriculum standards
  • Put broad science concepts and core ideas into context with high-interest reading materials and hands-on science experiments
  • Easily access background information, answer keys, and cross-curricular extension ideas to continue learning
  • Expand students’ understanding of science content, current events, and STEM fields with interactive eResources and additional learning opportunities