11.1. Introduction

Conduit Configuration

Automating administrative tasks can save your staff valuable time while ensuring greater accuracy. Open LMS created a systems integration tool called Conduit that allows administrators to quickly load critical information from an existing SIS, ERP, or other learning databases into Open LMS. This topic is designed to teach you the ins and outs of Conduit, its functionalities, and best practice of its use.

Upon completion of this topic, you will be able to complete:

  • Enable Conduit on your site.
  • Add Conduit to your site’s front page.
  • Configure your Conduit Settings, including General, Mappings, File, and Web Services.
  • Understand and utilize Conduit reports.
  • Edit Conduit tables manually.
  • Export out of and import into Conduit.
  • Master uploading files to Conduit through the interface and via SFTP.
  • Configure your SFTP for Conduit.
  • Create a CSV file.
  • Know where to find further technical assistance if you need it.
  • NEW to 3.8– Conduit Queue Management
  • NEW to 3.8– Conduit Upload File Size Restrictions
  • NEW to 3.8– Process Improvement
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