11.10. Ending

Maximum file size for Conduit Upload tab

When uploading a Conduit file through the interface, in the Operations > Upload tab, users have now a new maximum file size restriction of 1 MB for all types of Conduit feed files.

This restriction was added in order to prevent performance issues or file locks, that can prevent the Conduit scheduled tasks from running.

Users have the option to upload files smaller than 1 MB. If the file is larger, they can either divide it into smaller files or upload the bigger file directly through the SFTP.

Conduit Process Improvement

Conduit file consumption was converted into ad-hoc tasks, which allow parallel execution of the file consumption. Before this development, files uploaded into the STPF Conduit folder could only be processed one at the time. Now, with this increase in Conduit’s queued capacity, up to 20 files can be processed every 5 minutes.

– Files are identified and queued every time the site cron runs, it was established a default of 20 files.

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